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Rising to an elevation of 8 meters, Aldabra Atoll is the largest raised coral reef to be found in the world.

The Aldabras, together with Farquhar and Desroches islands and the Chagos Archipelago, formed part of the British Indian Ocean Territory from 1965 to 1976.

Alleen de atollen Kwajalein en Rangiroa zijn groter.

If for any reason this is not displaying the correct map location then please inform us. Historically, the name Aldabra was Al-Hadra or Al-Khadra (with several variants), given by In the early 1800s, concessions given to individuals almost destroyed the forests and tortoise habitats in many islands in Seychelles; on Aldabra Atoll, in view of its remoteness and rugged topography, only small areas of forests were cleared for agricultural operations (mostly coconut plantations) but the tortoises were intensely captured for meat and trade. Located at 9°24′S 46°22′E / 9.400°S 46.367°E and belongs to the Aldabra Group, one of the island groups of the Outer Islands of th… Aldabra Islands, atoll, one of the world’s largest, in the Indian Ocean about 600 miles (1,000 km) southwest of the Seychelles group, and part of the Republic of the Seychelles.

The Aldabra rail, the last flightless bird of the Western Indian Ocean, inhabits the Atoll. The Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, is one of the largest tortoises in the world. The Aldabra Atoll is located in the Indian Ocean, around 1,150 km (715 miles) away from Mahé. Around 152,000 giant tortoises have been identified in the region.

The islands of Aldabra, the lagoon they surround, and their outlying coral reefs house thousands of giant tortoises along with other intriguing fauna. Namely, these are the Aldabra flying fox, The atoll’s ecosystems are largely undisturbed, although there have been emerging environmental concerns as of late. Continuing ecological and biological processes provide the opportunity for scientific research. Aldabra Atoll. Being the second largest coral atoll in the world, Aldabra is the most far-flung island of the greater The Aldabra Atoll is made up of 4 large islands and 40 smaller islands. These have beencontinuously raised above sea level for the last 125,000 years. No airstrips, helipads or landing jetties have been permitted to be built on the atoll.

Since 1982, the atoll has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Flora and fauna in the Atoll exhibit a high level of endemism due to years of isolation.
Map of Aldabra Island Below we display the facility for you to find Aldabra Island on the map. It is 407 km (253 mi) northwest of Madagascar and 440 km (270 mi) from Moroni on the Comoro Islands. Subsequent to the thwarting of plans to establish a military station at Aldabra (which instead focused on Diego Garcia in the Aldabra atoll is in the most southwesterly part of the Seychelles, and is closer to the coast of Africa 630 km (390 mi) than to Aldabra atoll has, besides the four larger islands, some 40 smaller islands and rocks,More Islands (unspecified location, but sizes are included under "Other Islands": Aldabra Atoll (Google Maps). Aldabra is one of the world’s largest raised coral atolls comprised of four main islands that rise to an average of only 8 m above sea level. The larger islands of Aldabra Atoll are situated around the lagoon’s rim. Aldabra is situated in the dry zone of the south-west Indian Ocean. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. The Seychelles Islands Foundation is tasked with the protection of the island, a duty the organization carries out efficiently. The Atoll is home to three endemic bat species.

The Atoll lies off the coast of Africa near Most of the land surface of the Aldabra Atoll is made of exposed coral reefs.

Welcome to Aldabra The remote wilderness of Aldabra Atoll, one of Seychelles’ most distant islands, is over 1000 km southwest of the main island of Mahé.
The atoll is the largest raised coral reef in the world with an elevation of 8 metres (26 ft); and the second-largest atoll in the world after Kiritimati Atoll. Mostof the land surface of the Aldabra Atoll is made of exposed coral reefs. Over 400 flora and fauna species and subspecies reside on the island, and their ongoing interactions with nature present unique opportunities for scientific studies.The atoll is home to the largest population of giant tortoises in the world. The Atoll stretches 13 kilometers wide and 34 kilometers long, and surrounds a lagoon that is 196 square kilometers in surface area. These have been continuously raised above sea level for the last 125,000 years.The Aldabra Atoll represents one of the most significant natural habitats for research in ecological and evolutionary processes since it has been largely free from human interference through the years. Aldabra atoll is in the most southwesterly part of the Seychelles, and is closer to the coast of Africa 630 km (390 mi) than to Mahé. Explore Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on Tourism to the region is monitored and controlled, and no airstrips or tourism infrastructure has been permitted on the Atoll.All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 A small scientific research station of the SIF is based on La Gigi village on Aldabra is not easily accessed. Aldabra is een atol van de Seychellen gelegen in de Indische Oceaan.Aldabra ligt in de Straat Mozambique, ongeveer 400 km ten noordwesten van Madagaskar en 680 km ten oosten van het Oost-Afrikaanse vasteland. Climate change and invasive alien species have necessitated a high level of monitoring. The northwest The earliest study of the flora and fauna, and also the Conservationists feared a major threat to the atoll's biodiversity in the 1960s when, as part of the Aldabra became a Ramsar Wetland Site of International Importance in 2010.Aldabra was designated as a site under the Indian Ocean South East Asia (IOSEA) turtle network, in their 2014 convention. The nearest airfield on

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aldabra island map