hardest languages to learn

Every language has a significant number of words to be included in that which is impossible to track by unknown. According to the Foreign Service Institute, Japanese is the most difficult language for a native English speaker to learn.This ranking takes into account not only the language itself but also the cultural aspect that comes with learning any language, so it is perhaps no surprise the most difficult language would come from a culture that is also notoriously difficult for Westerners to adjust to. – a close relative of Dutch. Korean also has some difficult pronunciation, such as the double G, double P, double J and double K, which can be challenging to say fluidly. For English native speakers, this makes Hungarian one of the hardest languages to learn. Your language goals will be different depending on whether you want to travel and speak with locals, converse in depth with a native friend, or read literature in that language. One favorite Finnish word is , meaning “I’m wondering if I should eat something.” The silver lining of Finnish is that it’s fairly phonetic! The language is made difficult to learn by the fact that thousands of characters have to be learned before one can write in Japanese.

Icelandic requires quite a bit of upfront study, but once you get the hang of it, the rules are consistent. Pronunciation can also be a little tricky, as some nasal sounds are unique to Portuguese. In case you need motivation: Hindi is spoken by half a billion people worldwide! In other words, easy-peasy.It’s not called the Germanic language family for nothing. Yikes! Zamenhof purposely wanted to make an easy-to-learn language for all people. Turkish uses vowel harmony, so some vowels will shift depending on context. The most common of them is Mandarin which is the most spoken language in the world. All you need is to form verbs for everybody. It's one that I would personally endorse: My individual circumstances were such that, by the age of 12, I could speak German, Greek and English, so languages became my passion and my hobby. Words can also get long and windy because Koreans use suffixes to modify the word. English speakers find the language very difficult to learn, primarily because it is a tonal language. For our ranking, we used the six categories above to show why a language can be easier or harder to learn. Some English speakers complain about their articles , which have to be memorized for every case, as well as the extra vowels . Compared to modern languages, Basque is extraordinarily different. Please refresh the page and try again.Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. French and English go way back. It's not surprising that the two exotic languages that are simplest to learn employ the Latin alphabet. Finnish has 15 grammatical cases and each verb can have 200 possible endings given all the endings! No matter what language you choose – whether easy, hard or something in between – you’ll enrich your life by learning another language. Regardless of the ranking, you’re the boss when it comes to learning a language. Because, yes, Greek is also a language that's contributed numerous words to English. The biggest difference is likely the new sounds, including . The difficulty is brought about by the difference in the writing characters and difference in sentence structure. It also tacks on participles and pronouns to show subject and object within the verb. Does the script build or require heavy memorization?

While it doesn’t use the Cyrillic alphabet, Czech is part of the Slavic language family and takes complexity to the next level. This should be to your ears, since you’ll find a fair number of cognates. English speakers find the language very difficult to learn, primarily because it is a tonal language. Give one a try! We offer many tips on how to best learn a language that will surely help you to tackle even the most difficult language on this list. Coronavirus pandemic strikes a blow to Paris tourismTravelers react to UK restriction on travel from SpainAfter just 600 hours of study, you'll have no trouble fitting in on the streets of Paris. In addition, their verbs have three persons, two numbers, two tenses and two moods. The middle one showed her swallowing the pill and the right one had her smiling after the pain had subsided. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer

Are there cognates and/or loan words? The linguistic factors that make a language easy or hard for different speakers are endless. Luckily, there is some overlap with English, since Ireland and Scotland are neighbors to England. While perhaps not as tricky as Arabic, Persian alphabet doesn’t have letter case (so no capitals), joins words together and has some redundant letters. Czech is also one of the hardest languages because of the way that consonants cluster together in words, making pronounciation a mouthful! Similarly, Swahili evolved as the trading language in East Africa and is described as having an Arab vocabulary upon an African grammar.It's given us the safari, all the characters in "The Lion King" (Simba, Timon, Pumba) and the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa.If you like a challenge, try Hungarian.

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hardest languages to learn