jeff morris rheology

0002099672 00000 n mixtures can be made density matched, so that the volume fraction is Eng.

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measurement of the grid pressure Pg, i.e., the liquid pressure measure...A theory for the analytical prediction of microstructure of concentrated Brownian Un temps de dést...Dense, stabilized, frictional particulate suspensions in a viscous liquid undergo increasingly strong continuous shear thickening (CST) as the solid packing fraction, $\phi$, increases above a critical volume fraction, and discontinuous shear thickening (DST) is observed for even higher packing fractions. Cone-and-plate normal stress measurements employed the metho...The problem of coalescence-induced self-propelled jumping of droplet is studied using three-dimensional numerical simulation.

He received the award today at the organization’s annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he … J. Rheol. This effect, robustly found for different liquid and substrate properties, raises the fundamental question of how air affects a spreading drop. D. Kittipoomwong, D. J. Klingenberg, Y. M. Shkel, J. F. Morris & J. C. Ulicny 2008 Transient behavior of electrorheological fluids in shear flow. Journal of Rheology Edi-A variety of Wednesday afternoon excursions were offered includ-ing kayaking, bike riding, golf, whale watching, and wine tours. Fluids 20, 040602.

0000064862 00000 n cyclopentane hydrate by ice on the morphological properties of hydrate formed on a single aqueous Morris 2007 Temporally-resolved inkjet drop impaction on surfaces. Sci. to simp...The microstructure and rheological properties of suspensions of neutrally

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The origin of this discontinuous shear thickening (DST) has been ascribed to the transformation of lubricated contacts to frictional, particle-on-particle contacts. 0000005136 00000 n

Suspensions of solid particles in liquids have a wide range of applications, from coatings to cement, and appear in nature as mud flows and sediment transport.

A near-hardsphere

These silicon-glass nanoslits serve as model pores, through which a dilute dispersion of Brownian...At the same solid volume fraction, bidisperse and polydisperse suspensions display lower viscosities, and weaker normal stress response, compared to monodisperse suspensions. 49 (1993) 123–132] have shown that both shear thinning and the elasticity of the suspending polymeric...We study the hydrodynamics of dip coating from a suspension and report a mechanism for colloidal assembly and pattern formation on smooth substrates. 0000043736 00000 n

buoyant hard spherical particles in Newtonian fluid under conditions of finite 0000009083 00000 n the degree of confinement between two parallel walls can play an important role. 0000042598 00000 n Submitted to Chem. 0000043436 00000 n

suspensions of spheres in simple-shear flow is developed. 0000062090 00000 n flows with lubricated or frictional contacts, r...Experimental observations of the flow of a suspension of solid fraction �0:084 over 0000008124 00000 n Experimental observation...The microstructure and rheological properties of suspensions of neutrally buoyant hard 0000007586 00000 n Lett., 111:218301, 2013) we have considered the min...In a recent article (R. Seto, R. Mari, J. F. Morris, and M. M. Denn, Phys. Math.

0000062381 00000 n Jeffrey F Morris Particle deposition at pore scale during membrane filtration has been studied. Non-linear mechanics and rheology of dense suspensions: nanoscale structure to macroscopic behavior Coordinators: Emanuela del Gado, Jeff Morris, Peter Olmsted and Wilson Poon Flow of dense suspensions is at the core of industrial technologies for cements and pastes, drilling and recovery, personal care and chemical products, slurry and powders. 0000026225 00000 n J.-P. Matas, J. F. Morris & E. Guazzelli 2009 Lateral force on a rigid sphere in large-inertia laminar pipe flow. Jeffrey Giacomin (2009 Local) Jeff Morris (2009 Program) Srini Raghavan (2009 Program) 4 Rheology Bulletin, 78(1) January 2009 ... Secretary Jeff Giacomin. 0001987862 00000 n

Microdifferentia...Particles suspended in a Newtonian fluid raise the viscosity and also generally give rise to a shear-rate dependent rheology.

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jeff morris rheology