My Offer

Working with you:

  Clear Pronunciation offers both private lessons and group sessions/workshops for companies

  Pronunciation courses are tailored to individual needs and personal goals

  A free introductory assessment will help identify your specific requirements and preferred learning style

  Pronunciation classes take place at a location to best suit you - at our offices in Leamington Spa, at home, at your workplace or online (via Skype)

  All sessions last one hour with materials supplied by us

Clear Pronunciation’s aim is to ensure that you are understood 100% of the time

Your voice is an integral part of your identity and your accent plays a vital role in communicating who you are.  Our approach to pronunciation training is not to eliminate your accent.  Your accent only becomes a problem when it obscures understanding.

Speaking is a physical activity requiring the right interaction in your mouth between tongue, lips, teeth and the airflow from your lungs.

Clear Pronunciation will work with you to ensure that you know how to produce:

  • The right sounds of standard British English (also known as Received Pronunciation or RP) by increasing your awareness of where and how they’re created.
  • The right rhythm of spoken language to convey the message you intend.
  • The right melody or tune.  It’s not what you say but the way that you say it that counts in English.  This is what we call intonation – when and where your tone rises or descends.