‘Carrie was fantastic and her advice was very useful. I will put what I've learnt into practice and maybe one day I will speak like Theresa May. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.’

N Magic
Electrical Engineer

‘Carrie is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. From the very beginning, I could see that she loves her job and she’s amazing at what she does. Carrie was incredibly patient and precise in explaining every single step. When I struggled to cope with something, she was immediately able to apply the right technique to help. Her knowledge and experience are impressive. I definitely recommend working with Carrie.’

Gaia C
Civil Engineer

‘I really enjoyed my lessons with Carrie and am extremely pleased with my progress. Carrie identified my specific difficulties and tailored her lessons to my needs. She always prepares for every lesson and plans a range of activities, so her classes are always fun. I would highly recommend her.’

Yuliya G
Construction Engineer

‘Carrie was very committed to improving my pronunciation. She explained everything in terms which were easy to understand, so I could practise on my own later on.  She used lots of examples and practical methods, to help me visualise my pronunciation issues and supported me in my attempts to produce ‘new’ sounds. Above all, she helped me realise that I was able to do it. Both face-to-face and Skype sessions worked really well. I highly recommend Carrie to anyone with pronunciation issues - she is very friendly and caring, and really wants to help you improve.’

Kleanthis K
Quality Engineer

"Carrie is very patient and helpful, as a result, I am now aware when I pronounce words incorrectly. Her lessons are excellent value for money."

Jonathan B

"Carrie has helped boost my confidence by making me more aware of English intonation, as well as improving my public speaking technique. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to speak better English and sound more native. Her lessons are well structured and packed with useful information and practical exercises. I looked forward to every lesson I took."

Anna P
Childrens' Worker, Diocese of Peterborough

"Carrie stood out because of the questions she asked and the genuine interest she displayed in my learning needs from the outset. I have benefited hugely from working with her - she is a wonderful teacher, kind, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile. She identified issues that I hadn't been aware of previously and encouraged me to practise between sessions. Carrie is very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and a joy to work with!"

Anna B

‘Carrie has helped me to reduce my Spanish accent and improve my intonation. Her in-depth knowledge of pronunciation methodology alongside her understanding of foreign languages has really helped to develop my accent in an effective and enjoyable way.  I would recommend Carrie highly for anyone who feels language is a barrier at work’.

Cristina Z
Customer Service Coordinator

"Carrie is very aware of your specific pronunciation problems, understands the reasons behind the difficulties you experience and can recommend the best solutions to help.  She’s extremely patient, warm, friendly and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had."

Ariana M

"As an Italian I would say that pasta cannot be cooked without water and salt.  In the same way, English cannot be learnt and understood without studying pronunciation, and Carrie is a first class Pronunciation Coach."

Andrea B
Energy Company Executive

"Carrie is a very professional teacher with extensive knowledge of linguistics, which has helped me enormously with my pronunciation.  She was able to identify my specific needs as a Spanish speaker, and provide me with practical help tailored to my level and requirements.  Her enthusiasm and passion make learning a lot easier."

Lorea J
Post Production Digital Artist

"Learning English pronunciation with Carrie is really helping me to get integrated, both in my job and socially.  As well as being my teacher, she is also someone I know I can count on.”

Irene J
Library and Information Specialist

"Carrie was able to identify my pronunciation issues very quickly and very precisely, which has been a great help in my day-to-day communication with both colleagues and clients.  I am sure that with her help I will be able to progress more effectively in my career."

Laura M
Environmental Scientist